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5 Great Stag and Hen destinations

5 Places to go on an awesome Stag Do


Most of us will at some point of our lives take the plunge and get married, this means stag and hen do’s are big business. Millions of these premarital ceremonial parties are undertaken ever year, and more and more of you are choosing to fly further afield and head abroad.

Certain destinations have become synonymous with this type of party tourism, and the towns have a great reputation for providing fun and frolics for the whole group. From risky entertainment, cheap accommodation to cheap drinks, there are certainly lots of considerations to take into account when planning yours.

For all you best men and maids of honor, we have done all the research for you. No why don’t have hundreds of friends who have all taken the plunge, and nor are were friends with any serial wedders. But we have been to a lot of so called party destinations and we are luckily enough to have partied first hand in some truly awesome places. And we reckon we know what a good party needs and this goes for stag/hen parties as well.

We have spent more than the one weekend end getting on groove on in the below places, it has taken a lot more research than usual as we for some reason kept forgetting most of the details when we got home, so we would have to go back again under the intention of not getting so wasted and acting a little more professional this time.

We have first hand experience of the nightlife and party scenes in each of these destinations and we have the hangovers to prove it.

Las Vegas – USA

Las Vegas nightlife

It is by the no coincidence the first of the movie franchise named “The Hangover” chose the original Sin City for it’s Stag do themed movie. The Las Vegas nightlife is probably the most famous party scene in the world. It really is a place that never sleeps, with 24hrs casinos, world class night clubs, some of the worlds hottest strippers, and a reputation as the premier Stag do destination it is no wonder that millions visit here every year.

We have never met anyone who has ever disliked it here, and nearly all the people we know who have been are desperate to go back again. The nightlife here can be so intense that 3-4 days is about max at anyone visit, making Vegas the perfect choice for weekend frolics for millions of party animals. The city is home to some monstrous hotels and resorts all with thousands of rooms and all competing for your business, which means prices can be cheap if you can plan to avoid the big trade shows or huge sporting event weekends.

Pattaya City Thailand

Nightlife Pattaya and Jomtien

Pattaya City Thailand has an awesome reputation as one of Asia’s best nightlife scenes, but is still relatively unknown outside of Asia. Located only 170km South of Bangkok on Thailand’s eastern seaboard, Pattaya is the most convenient resort to get to in Thailand and transfers from Bangkok airport are only 1.5hrs.

The nightlife scene in Pattaya is unlike anywhere else in the world we have been, the whole town revolves around night time activities. With over 2,000 bars, clubs and Go Go’s the place is absolutely buzzing all night, every night. You’ve seen the movie Hangover part 2, well think of that on steroids and you will be close to what Pattaya is like.

The night time fun is centered around around a few different areas of the town, Walking street in the center is where the serious fun is at, a 1 km strip filled with bars, nightclubs and GoGo’s and is jam packed every night. Where as Jomtien to the south is a little quieter as the nightlife goes, and is great for good restaurants, live music and cocktail bars. We have only been here once so we recommend checking this guide to Pattaya and Jomtien nightlife.

Prague Czech republic

Stag party prague

Ever since the opening up of the old Eastern Bloc in Europe, Prague has easily become Europe’s best party destination, easily surpassing the old stalwart of Amsterdam. Every year there are thousands and thousands of stag and hen do’s flocking to Prague to participate in one of the best nightlife’s not just in Europe but in the world.

Cheap drinks, cheap accommodation, awesome nightclubs and hundreds of strip bars all make this a great destination for any stag do. If your group has varying budgets and are looking for a great weekend that won’t break the bank then Prague should be the first place you look at.

The city is split into 2 separate destinations the more cultural old town is not where the partying is, but is great for food and to walk around and clear your head from last nights shenanigans. The new town however is a different beast altogether, this is where the fun and frolics happen and they really know how to cater for this type of group. Check these guys out for pre-arranged stag partys

Cancun Mexico

Party boat Cancun

Probably more famous as a spring break destination for US college kids, Cancun in Mexico is also an extremely popular destination for US based groups of stag and hen party’s, or as they are know in the US Bucks and Maid of Honor parties.

Located on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Cancun is easily reached from most North American cities. Cancun boasts some stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, perfect for relaxing during the day and recovering from the previous evenings entertainment. Snorkeling, SCUBA and water sports are all on offer in this beach lovers paradise.

But Stag and Hen do’s are all about the nightlife and Cancun’s is rapidly becoming a serious challenger to Las Vegas, the Mexicans have always know how to throw a party, and boy do they do it well. The clubbing here is awesome with several super clubs all boasting international DJ’s who keep the music and party pumping until dawn. There are also some awesome boat parties here in Cancun. Better value in Cancun for those that can’t stretch the budget required for a pricey weekend in Vegas.

Start your Cancun night at the famous party restaurant Senor frogs 

Miami Florida USA

South Beach Miami Nightlife

The second USA based destination to make the list is the ever popular South Beach in Miami. This isn’t your average party destination and is a much up market and refined place to party.

The nightlife scene here should need no introduction and is famous the world over for it’s chic and stylish bars and restaurants all located along the impressive south beach. For Hens there is also the ability to shop til you drop, and Miami offers all the high end boutiques and shops you could wish for.

If you have a bigger budget, can’t party like your still 21 and are looking for a more refined and grown up destination for your party then check out Miami’s south beach.



The above list would be our recommendations for your weekend away, we have tried to cover all budgets and themes and offer a destination for every group no matter what your after. Locations are also just as varied from Asia, Europe and the US. Meaning it doesn’t matter where your based there is a great nightlife destination near you, just perfect for your stag or hen party.

Feel free to comment with your own recommendations below, and if your daring enough why not tell a few secrets from your last weekend away with the boys or girls (no need to publish names).


5 Best Theme parks in the world

5 Best Theme parks in the world


Travelling with kids or fancy yourself as a kid at heart? Then Theme parks will appeal to you. These giant multimillion dollar playgrounds have been specifically design to get your endorphin’s flowing. Whether it’s the thrill of the ride, the excitement of seeing others scared, or purely just the vibrancy of the parks design it is hard not to feel a rush of excitement at the very thought of visiting a theme park.

Americans will know this first hand as the US is the spiritual home of the theme park, for those from further afield you may not be as familiar. But it doesn’t matter if you have been none, 1 or a hundred different parks, the thought of the next will have your heart racing.

We went to our first theme park back in the 80’s and to us it was the best place on earth, and since then the theme park industry has changed no end, lots of innovation and investment has changed the game for the better. The rides are bigger and better , safety is paramount and the levels of fun go beyond imagination.

Walt Disney world’s Magic kingdom

Walt Disney world

Probably the best known theme park in the world and often the innovator Walt Disney world is the daddy. Although Disney themed it is not just for the little ones, this is truly a park for all ages. Space Mountain is also the most well known roller coaster in the world, and the kids will love meeting their favorite cartoon characters.

Walt Disney world is the reason Florida is one of the world’s most visited destinations. Tickets and info

Universal Studios Singapore


Asia’s best theme park is universal studios Singapore, boasting 24 rides split across 7 themed areas representing different parts of the world, including: Ancient Egypt, Hollywood, New York and Madagascar.

Visited by hundreds of thousands of Asian and international tourist from all over the world, if you are from this part of the world or visiting Asia try and stop by, you won’t be disappointed.

Europa Park – Germany


Europe not wanting to be outdone by the huge theme parks in the US built its own. Collaboration from Germany and France this is the best Europe has to offer. Boasting  12 coasters, 16 themed shows, a water park and indoor play area all with a distinct French and German theme.

But one stand out feature over other theme parks, is the food court, the Europeans do have a great cuisine. And the best of it is on show here with over 70 different choices representing the best from all over Europe.

Alton Towers England


The UK entry on the list is also it’s oldest theme park and by far the most popular in the UK. Opened in 1980 it has grown rapidly into a huge theme park.

Operating 9 world class roller coasters as well as over 50 other rides and attractions this is also the biggest in the UK. The park also has regular shows, its own golf course and several themed hotels inside the parks grounds.

The parks rapid rise is well documented here

Universal Orlando

universal orlando

Universal world Orlando is smaller than the sprawling Walt Disney world, and offers an easy introduction to the mega theme park. Universal Orlando offers two different theme parks, several hotels. Complete with some world class roller coasters and rides. A great family orientated theme park which offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Universal Orlando is also home the very popular wizarding world of Harry Potter



It does not matter where you find yourself in the world there will be a massive theme park for your enjoyment, once the exclusive domain of the US and north America , this fun filled phenomenon has spread across the globe.

Above is just an example of what you can find and where, but there are more. A quick internet search will reveal your closest theme park. There are just far too many for us to list them all here. If you have a favorite why not comment below and let the rest of readers know of your secret, im sure they appreciate any advice.

World Carnivals

5 Best Carnivals to visit.


Another great draw for tourism are Carnivals, there are not many people who don’t enjoy the jovial atmosphere of a great carnival. There is something in the bright colours, loud music at party atmosphere that draws the best out of people.

There are some really famous, big and popular carnivals around the world, and even if you don’t get to one of these. There are thousands of smaller carnivals every year in all corners of the globe. Sometimes the smaller can be the best, less crowded and more free flowing can mean a better time is had by all. We went to Rio once and it was very busy, luckily everyone is in the carnival mindset and the atmosphere was electric.

Rio Carnival – Brazil

Rio carnival

Rio carnival is the most famous of the all the major carnivals around the world. Not only is Rio the most famous but also the most popular of all the carnivals and gets extremely busy. Anyone thinking of attending is advised to book well in advance, hotels have been known to sell out of rooms 11-12 months in advance.

Rio as a city is extremely colourful with a great samba personality, and this only heightens during carnival time, making Rio the most colourful and musical carnival we know

Mardi Gras – New Orleans


The second best know carnival is New Orleans’s Mardi Gras, held during the last 2 weeks of February every year when the infamous humidity and heat at their most tolerable. It’s colourful, brash, loud and loads of fun.

Lots of parades, dances and semi naked revellers all out for a good time, and aided in their pursuit of fun by the free flowing Bourbon and Rum.  This is the carnival of choice for any music lovers, and the food here is sublime. We love southern cuisine.

Oruro Carnival – Bolivia


If you have been to the Mardi Gras and want even more on a bigger then scale then try Bolivia’s Oruro Carnival. It is one giant street performed theatrical production lasting a full 24hrs. The purpose is to celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

At the end everybody gets royally drunk on local spirits and dances the days away. All before the real fun starts and the entire place turns into a giant water fight.

Trinidad and Tobago


If you love the Caribbean and it’s vibrant colorful atmosphere then you simply must visit the Trinidad and Tobago carnival. Here all things Caribbean and celebrated as well as a little Indian thrown into the mix.

It’s colourful, bright and energetic, steel bands provide the obligatory Caribbean music whilst the revellers soak there insides with all the rum you could wish for. Not to mention the costumes, simply stunning – some even take a whole year to design and produce

Notting Hill Carnival – London


If you love the Caribbean influence but can’t make it to Trinidad, then London’s very own Caribbean carnival is the next best thing.

Every year people from all over London and the UK descend on the otherwise sleepy north London suburb of Notting Hill, for one giant three day party. Held during the public holiday weekend of August, when the British weather is at its nicest (believe us it’s not that often). Notting Hill carnival is a giant celebration of all things Caribbean and the long standing co operation between Caribbean and British cultures.

There are plenty of other carnivals to visit, but the above are the ones we have so far managed to visit, and we thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them and highly recommend them all.

If you have been to any others and feel others should visit as well, then feel free to comment below with the details.

5 tips for Long haul travelers

 5 tips for Long haul travelersStay healthy on flight2


One of the worst parts when travelling is the actual travelling itself, we are yet to meet anyone who loves the sitting still in a cramped seat for hours on end, we loath it with a passion.

It is nothing short of cruelty, you wouldn’t keep your pet in such cramped conditions for such a long time would you? The feeling of dread fills us when we check in and anxiety starts to build as the boarding gate opens. We harbour a small hope that some generous check in staff will one day upgrade us to the luxury that is known as business class. But this never happens not to us anyway.

And the feeling after 8-12hrs of being cramped into a tiny seat, squinting at a 12inch screen and watching re-runs of your favourite sitcom are terrible. We can hardly walk properly by the time we reach our destination.

Now we rarely would embark on such a journey for anything short of a few weeks there, allowing sufficient time to overcome these fatigues. But we know of plenty of poor souls who regularly have to undertake such a journey for only a few days at the eventual destination for work purposes. Back in the good old days before the credit crunch they would undoubtedly travel in business class, now with cost savings right more and more of the these type of traveller s are having to seat cattle class at the back with the rest of us. Imagine having to go straight to work after such and arduous journey? We certainly can’t

These are top tips we have learnt over the year, some have been learnt by us, some by others. But all will ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible.

Choose your seat wisely


Comfort is the biggest complained about factor on long haul flights, and while seats have gotten better in recent times, they are not suitable for 12hrs straight. We recommend an aisle seat and if possible in the middle section of the plane. This may sound controversial but you have to move for one person next to you not 2 as with the exterior seats. The aisle also means you can get up and stretch as often as you see fit without worrying about disturbing anyone. And in between services you can stretch your legs out into the aisle. Or if your airline allows try to pay for the extra legroom seats at the front of the plane, these are a godsend on any flight over 4hrs.

Entertain yourself


The old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is so true, we live by it, and non-more so than on a flight. It’s the counting down the time to landing that drives most people mad. How many of you have sat there flicking back to the map screen  to check on progress only to be disappointed your plane has moved nowhere significant?

Bring your Ipad or tablet if you wish, and load it with your favourite box set, this should pass a fair few hours at the least. Do not rely on the onboard entertainment system.

Stay healthy


Stay healthy on flightNow this isn’t just a mantra for better flying, but for life in general and if it works in real life it will work on the flight as well. Eat well and stay hydrated this will give the body the sustenance it needs to keep itself feeling better and you will be surprised how much plenty of water and some decent food will keep you going. We know everyone loves a free drink and we are no exception, but don’t over indulge on a flight. Alcohol will make you feel bad on a normal, but on a flight it is exaggerated.

Walk around


We mentioned before getting an aisle seat as this allows you to get up and wander around when you choose. We would recommend going for a walk up and down the aisle at least every couple of hours. Try a few simple stretches as well, we don’t mean a full on Tai Chi class, but a few simple stretches similar to those you do every morning.

The result will get you blood flowing around and this is proven to make you feel better.

excersize flight

*Virgin Atlantic

Sleep the time away


We know how hard it is for people to sleep on a flight, we can’t do it either. But it is recommended for those who can get a few hours. Tiredness is one of the main reasons people suffer from Jetlag. So getting even a few hours kip on the plane will make you feel a whole lot better when you arrive.

Another added bonus of sleeping is it cuts down the potential for boredom. The best time to try and sleep is after the first service of food. You body has a natural desire to want to sleep after food, it is ingrained in your system. This should make it easier to get 40 winks.


There are many things other than above you can try to improve your flight, some of you will have your own tips as well and we encourage you to share these with our readers by commenting below.

If you can follow 2/3 of the above you will feel so much better when you arrive, and your holiday can start on a better footing. After all the end game is the holiday not the flight so anything you can do to get the most out of it is surely a god thing.

5 Tallest skyscrapers in the world

Tallest skyscrapers in the world


Another favorite thing of ours is skyscrapers, ever since our first visit to NYC back in 1994 we have had a very strange obsession with tall buildings. There is something magical about how they gracefully rise from the city’s streets and tower above us all. Almost like a big brother looking down on the city they reside in with a loving and protective glance.

We are not alone with this strange fixation, every year people travel all over the world to visit skyscrapers, and many people make it a lifetime mission to visit the ever changing list of tallest buildings in the world. A bucket list activity for many a folk.

At the time of writing these are the 5 tallest buildings in the world and all verified by wikipedia

Burj Khalifa


The tallest of them all is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, standing gracefully at 2,717 feet tall, it is jut over 700 foot taller than the next tallest building. The Burj will surely hold the mantle for a few more years to come yet.

The design for Burj Khalifa posed its architects many challenges, not only in construction but its longevity, how on earth would such a tall building manage to stay upright with the notoriously high winds that are common in this part of the world. It’s built with sharp edges, similar to yacht which are designed to cut through the wind.

Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel


Originally built to provide comfortable accommodation to wealthy pilgrims to mecca, the Makkah Royal cloak tower is bigger and better Big Ben. Standing at 1,972 foot tall it is dwarfed by the number one Burj.

The Makkah is a simple design for sky scrapper and instead of the modern ways to overcome height, it uses a large broad base design which by modern standards is relatively simple way of building taller buildings. Bigger foot print = taller building, it’s so simple that most 3 year old apply the same principle when playing with building blocks. But simple doesn’t mean bad and the technique is effective.

One World Trade Center


There is some controversy when deciding the true height of the One World Trade Center. The main building is 1,300 feet tall which would see it not qualify for this list, but the spire which sits atop takes its official height to a pre determined 1,776 foot tall. The height if 1,776 foot is of massive significance to those in the US as this is the year the USA was born. This was an obvious decision giving the significance of this building.

Taipei 101


The Taipai 101 is one of the strangest designs for a sky scrapper we have seen, but fits perfectly into it’s wider geographical area. The whole building looks like a giant balancing act, with lots of little pagodas balancing atop of each other. The Pagoda is a very traditional design in Asia.

Another cultural significance of the Taipei 101 is the number 8, which carries massive weight in Chinese culture. There are eight of these mini pagodas each of which is 8 storeys tall

Shanghai World Financial Center


Another strange design from the Asians, the Shanghai World Financial Center looks like its waiting for a giant to come along and pick it up using the handle on top and plonk it somewhere else.

One good thing to come from this strange design is the fact it looks a little like a giant bottle opener, this has provided a great little micro business to the locals, who gladly sell willing tourists mini replicas of the building that double as a bottle opener.


Best beaches in the world

Best beaches in the world



We love beaches, I mean who doesn’t? For us they are a vital part of traveling, wherever we travel we try to make sure there are at least one beach we can visit whilst there. We don’t need only beaches we ideally like a mix of different things to do, but 1 beach is a must.

Through work and love we have been luckily enough to have been traveling on and off for the last 20 years, during which time we have been to some absolutely stunning beaches, and a fair few not so good. We love the natural beauty of an unspoiled beach and crystal clear waters.

The considerations given for the below, were how natural the beach is has it been spoiled by development. Cleanliness, we can’t think of anything worse than a beach which is covered in man made rubbish. The waters, we like a nice clear water from which we can observe the wildlife, and calm waters are a must for us we are not surfers. Climate we have spent some days on a cold beach in winter and as beautiful as it can be, it just isn’t the same as lazy day in the sun.

Little Dix Bay – Virgin Gorda


The half mile long white powder sand beach at Little Dix bay, is the epitome beauty when it comes to beaches. If we were to ask anyone to describe a picture perfect beach this would be it for sure.

The beach is the perfect white sand, lined with tropical palm trees and all wrapping itself around a crescent shaped bay of the clearest waters you could wish for. And the wildlife here is truly stunning, such a diverse range of tropical fish it doesn’t matter when you choose to snorkel you will be in for a show.

Grace Bay – Turks and Caicos

Grace bay

Graced with the softest white sand imaginable, Grace bay is perfect for families. Your kids will love running around here.

The waters here are clearer than a bottle of spring water, and with no tides and no currents are perfect for inexperienced swimmers to gain their first adventure into the magical world of snorkeling. The beach also benefits from the North easterly trade winds, which offer a constant gentle breeze, offering you a cooling refreshment.

Lanikai Beach – Hawaii


The half mile long Lanikai beach in Hawaii is a little developed for our liking, but its other attributes make up for this short fall. It’s sand is soft and powdery, and immaculately clean. The backdrop is lined with palm trees which sway gentle in the breeze.

But the best part of Lanikai is the water, crystal clear and constantly warm it is perfect. The beach is protected by an offshore coral reef, which not only protects the water making it safe for swimmers and snorkelers of all abilities. But provides some of the best snorkeling anywhere on the planet.



Yes we are aware the Maldives are not technically a beach, but a collection of Islands in the Indian ocean. But they deserve their place on the list. No matter where you end up in the Maldives, you will find your perfect Robinson Crusoe beach, pure isolation on some of mother natures greatest work.

The waters here are clear, the beaches are desolate and the climate is perfect all year round. We challenge anyone to find a better collection of beaches anywhere on earth? We don’t believe its possible.

Trunk Bay – St John


The most photographed beach in the Caribbean, Trunk Bay in the US Virgin Island is simply stunning. It is by no accident that this is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Perfect sand, crystal clear waters and a protected bay. All surrounded by the lush green mountainous back drop.

The beach is quite remote, meaning those who venture here are rewarded with isolation and peace and tranquility.


The above is our choice for the best beaches in the world, we make no acclaim to this being a definitive list, it is merely an opinion. There of course hundreds of other beaches worthy of consideration, but we can only draw from our experience and these are the best we have been too. Having said that over the last 20 years we have been to hundreds and hundreds of beaches so we have a fair amount of experience,

Great European cities for a weekend


European cities for a weekend

Europe is on huge melting pot of different cultures and a diverse history. Nowhere else on the blue planet is there such an diverse range of cultures all so close to one another. Anyone lucky enough to live here has everything on their doorstep, and could theoretically visit a different city every weekend for a year and not get bored.

From stunning scenery, ancient history, world class cuisine, romantic breaks it really doesn’t matter what you look for in a weekend away you will find somewhere in Europe to satisfy your travel urges. The only downside here is very few people will ever be able to afford to travel the whole continent and see everything they wish.

Below are just some of our favorite city’s for a weekend away, each offers something different so there should be somewhere on the list for everyone. Please feel free to comment below with any updates you think our readers may enjoy. These could secret spots on one the destinations, a great little family restaurant, hidden sights or even a destination of your own choosing.

Paris – Romantics

Romantic ParisThere is no introduction needed to the why this is the choice for any romantics among you, Paris is without a doubt the most romantic city in Europe if not the world. In many a movie and the media in general Paris is painted as the city of love, and it certainly lives up to its billing.

Whether you are looking to propose, solidify your relationship, or bring a spark back then Paris is the place to go. Filled with everything you could need to improve your love life.

If you want to spoil your partner then the shopping is Paris is second to none, world class shops, independent boutiques and home to the biggest fashion houses. If shopping for designer goods is not your idea o showing someone special you care, then how about a walk along the river at dusk, stop at padlock bridge and lock in your love forever.

Some say food id the medium of Love and Paris offers some of the best cuisine in the world, Paris is a sort of mecca to the worlds best chefs, and most of the Michelin stared chefs around have at some point worked in Paris as part of their apprenticeship in getting to the top.

Barcelona – Something for everyone



Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast truly is a city that has it all. No wonder then this is one of the top visited destinations in Europe and is packed with tourists year round. Not only is Barcelona a firm favorite with foreign tourist but the Spanish love it here also. The climate here is perfect for year round tourism, it doesn’t drop often below 10C in the depths of winter and rise to a manageable 28c in the heat of summer, although the constant sea breeze means it is rather pleasant.

The Catalonia food is awesome and Tapas is the order here, these little snack sized plates of culinary heaven are the best way to enjoy food, allowing you to snack and try a wide variety of dishes throughout the day. Great sustenance for those culture lovers who could spend hours a day wandering around the old town and visiting the cities many galleries and the must see Gaudi cathedral.

Food and culture not your thing, then Barcelona also boasts a great beach and of course the beautiful med is only a stones throw away literally. If your night owl then the cities nightlife is awesome from hip and chic bars, to classy venues and the world famous clubs at port Olympic.

If you can only visit one European city then you should seriously consider Barcelona, it is great option to experience as much of the cultural diversity of Europe in only one city.

Prague – Old world beauty

Prague olt town square

Prague has unfortunately gained a bad reputation in recent years as a party town and has become popular with large stag and hen do’s looking to party. This however shouldn’t put you off, they generally stick to certain parts of the new town and they need not bother you if it’s not your thing.

The old town here is a first class example of just how beautiful and ancient European culture is. The old town is simply stunning, we spent days upon days just wandering around finding quaint little squares, shaded alleys, local markets and more. It is very easily to be instantly transported through time when this was one of the worlds richest cities and you can imaging the hustle and bustle of everyday life back then.

If you love architecture and culture you will love Prague. You are best visiting from April through September. Although the Christmas markets here are stunning and if you are lucky enough to be able to visit at this time then please do so.

Amsterdam – Party capital


If you interested in Partying then you will have surely heard of Amsterdam as a party destination, located in the liberal Netherlands. Amsterdam used to be the place to go for young Europeans looking to let their hair down. And the cities party scene has continued to grow ever since.

Now it is surely the party capital of Europe, it is appeals to both the younger and older raver. The city has a huge range of clubs and night spots to choose from. And the attitude towards those indulging in various stages of inebriation are very liberal to say the least. Pretty much anything goes as long as you keep it private and your antics do not impact on anyone else.

Not that we condone this industry, but Amsterdam’s red light district is the most famous adult area the world and well worth a visit. It is nowhere near as seedy as you would think and is actually a great insight into this side of the cities life.

Top Thailand Travel Destinations

Beautiful sceneries and palm-dotted sandy beaches lure travelers from all over the world to the food mecca of South East Asia that is Thailand. With a fascinating history and a rich Buddhist cultural heritage, Thailand has some of the best tourist destinations and attractions in the world. And below is a list of some of the top tourist destination in Thailand.

Thailand Travel Destinations that you Should Visit


Being the economic, cultural and political capital, a tour of Thailand would not be complete without a tour of this bustling metropolis. Known as Krung Thep, which translates to “city of angels,” in the local dialect, Bangkok features beautifully decorated temples. Exploring these temples will give you an in-depth insight into the Buddhist heritage of the country. For food junkies, Bangkok has some of the best restaurants in the world. Bangkok’s restaurants offer an exotic and unrivaled culinary experience. In addition to awesome restaurants, the city’s vibrant lifestyle will leave you asking for more.


Another must visit destination is the Southern town of Krabi. The latter town is the best place to start your exploration of the lush green province of Krabi. Dominated by lush green jungles and limestone cliffs, Krabi is the perfect exotic getaway to help you escape the hustles and bustles of city life. But the fun does not end there as Krabi town also offers some of the best beaches on the South Eastern Asian coast. Also, you can take a longboat or a ferry to some of the best scuba diving locations on the Asian shore. To crown it all, Krabi boasts of cliffs that are perfect for rock climbing.


If you are big James Bond fan, then Phuket is a destination that is a must visit. The town grabbed the world’s attention in 1974 with the release of the film “The Man with the Golden Gun”. Today, Phuket can best be described as the resort capital of Thailand. The town boasts of world class resorts and excellent views of the Andaman Sea.


From the luxurious and pricey resorts and hotels of Phuket to the humble and inexpensive village life of Bophut, Thailand has it all. Bophut is the best destination for persons looking to enjoy an exquisite vacation on a budget. This small village town boasts of white sandy beaches and affordable Thailand massage parlors. The streets of this village town are lined up with shops and restaurants. If you want an inexpensive culinary experience, the town’s Fisherman’s Village is the place to go. This village has traditional shops that sell traditional Thai food.


For those with family, Karon is the best destination. This unique town has some of the longest beaches on the coast. To be more specific, the beach on this destination stretches for three miles making it ideal for family getaways. Apart from being an ideal family destination, Karon is also the perfect beach destination for persons who are looking to enjoy some privacy. Additionally, Karon is an exquisite destination for scuba diving. Karon has a wide array of hotels and resorts as well as hotels where travelers can enjoy traditional foods.